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I just love your book!! So helpful this year..thanks so much!!

LaRee E.

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Loved it! So much info. Easy to understand.

Jacque R.D.


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Attention: Never Try CBD without Reading this urgent letter from the nation’s leading doctor on hemp and CBD...

And quality is a concern. You need to know that the FDA scrambling to regulate the quality and purity of CBD products.  

Much of what you’ll find out there is cheap imported knock-offs, and you don’t really know what you’re getting. They can even contain residual toxic solvents and contaminants from the extraction, manufacturing and packaging process.

With more and more people interested in CBD, I searched high and low for a top-notch CBD product that I could feel good about recommending to my patients.

To be honest, I couldn’t find anything that fit my strict requirements at a price point that I was comfortable with for my patients. So I created my own. 

Not only is it an American-made CBD oil, but it’s a unique WHOLE-PLANT product. Let me explain. 

Probably the most important piece of knowledge I can share with you today, is that “purity” is not always desirable with CBD.

You read that right. You might be wasting your money by purchasing a “100% Pure CBD” product.

That’s because (CBD) cannabidiol doesn’t like to work alone. Its effectiveness is enhanced by the presence of other naturally-occurring substances in the hemp plant which work together with CBD to amplify its therapeutic effects.

These substances are naturally found in the whole hemp plant -- that’s nature’s magic at work! So when manufacturers extract JUST cannabidiol in the lab, and market a product as “PURE CBD”, they may actually be throwing away other synergistic molecules that would MAXIMIZE the benefits that YOU get from the remedy.

Most scientists don’t know this, and you won’t find other products like this out there. It’s a proprietary secret that I discovered through my own clinical experience and testing.

Why You Should AVOID 
“100% Pure” CBD Products

Only Take CBD If You See All 4 Of These Ingredients On The Label

So here’s what to look for:

Omega 9 Fatty Acids: these are “good fats” which can eliminate brain fog and support a strong heart and immune system 

Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA): a strong complement to the medicinal benefits of CBD, fighting inflammation and supporting healthy skin and a good memory 

Stearidonic Acid: a plant-based fatty acid that is 1000% times faster at increasing anti-inflammatory substances in the blood compared to other Omega 3 supplements, meaning you experience improved mobility and natural weight loss 

Omega 6 Oil: this healthy fat works in synergy with the other natural hemp oils, and CBD, to boost energy and further cut the inflammation that can be the root cause of many diseases





But that's not all. To ensure that you’re safe from residual toxic solvents and contaminants from the extraction, manufacturing and packaging process, I recommend going with a trusted US-based source for your CBD.

As I mentioned, I couldn’t find anything out there that checked all the boxes, so I created my own unique CBD product, complete with all of these synergistic co-factors that AMPLIFY the power of CBD.

That means the healing power is unlocked and multiplied so that YOU can feel better, sooner.

I’ve seen countless patients who take fistfuls of medication, often including pills to treat the side effects of other pills.  

It’s insane. Enough is enough!

I knew that CBD and the other oils in Cannabis could help, so I had to do something.  

I took things one step further, with a product that’s never been seen before. I went right to the source and created a unique whole-plant CBD extract that works. I know, because I’ve seen the benefits come quickly…often within minutes after the first dose.   


UpWellness CBD

Just imagine having less stiffness, more mobility, less stress, more sleep.  

What would your life be like if…

You woke up feeling LOOSE AND LIMBER.  You could take that trip, go on that hike, and play with the grandkids. 

Muscle and joint aches were a THING OF THE PAST?   

Daily stress and anxiety finally left you alone. 

All while you have MORE ENERGY than you’ve had in years. 

That means it carries no risk of addiction or dependence, and has zero intoxicating effects. By using a whole-plant CBD, you skip out on the negative effects of THC completely. No psychoactive effects with all the health benefits. 

Oh, and remember when I said you should NEVER take CBD unless it contains the following 4 ingredients...

Finally, A High-Quality, American-Made 
CBD Oil You Can Trust

Since the FDA is currently scrambling to regulate the quality and purity of CBD products, consumers like you have three choices:

Here’s Your Opportunity

Take my patient Barbara for example...

Nothing is more rewarding than helping patients in need. There is no greater pleasure than hearing that my advice helped relieve someone’s suffering.

I give my all to every patient, and I’m always learning. That’s why they call it the “practice” of medicine. In the last few years, that has included staying on top of the latest research and developments on the health benefits of CBD.  

10 years ago, she was diagnosed with a potentially fatal medical condition. But Barbara is a "survivor" and thankfully, she's still here to tell the tale.

But...she's a changed woman. Multiple surgeries, countless radiation treatments, IV infusions and years of hormonal therapy have inflicted a new kind of suffering.

The physical and psychological toll of going from a healthy active person to living a life where doctors appointments are the only thing on your calendar is a powerful and life-changing experience that is not for the faint of heart.

Although she had beaten the odds and survived thanks to modern medicine… she suffered every day. 

It was life…but not life as she knew it.

Barbara had debilitating neurological, hormonal, and gastrointestinal symptoms. On a typical night, she would wake up 10-15 times with her heart racing, her skin burning, and retching with nausea.

She was miserable...every single day (and night). 

And after 10 years of this daily suffering--seeing doctor after doctor, trying literally dozens of different prescriptions and treatments...Barbara in to see me.

She wanted something new. She wanted something different. Something her doctors knew nothing about. 

There was so much stress...

So much pain...
So little hope...

She was literally in tears.

And I admit, her story had moved me. I would have done just about anything to help Barbara in that moment.

That's when I grabbed a brown bottle from my drawer, placed it in her hands and told her, “Are you ready for something new?"

She said yes.

I explained that inside the bottle was a “UpWellness CBD, with Omega 3 and Omega 9, Alpha Linolenic Acid and Stearidonic Acid.” I said, “I know exactly what’s in it, because I formulated it myself. And I wouldn't recommend it to you if I didn't think it could help.”

I saw a twinkle in her eyes. 

I had good reasons to be hopeful too. That’s because, I’ve been studying research on CBD for years, I was confident that CBD would give her the best shot at reclaiming her health…and her life.

So…I gave her some specific instructions and sent her on her way with 3 bottles in hand.

Within days, I received a message from my front desk that Barbara needed to talk to me.

I called her back as soon as I could… 

When she picked up the phone and heard my voice, she said these exact words:

“Dr. Josh, I haven’t felt this good in 10 years!”

Taking the right type of CBD extract at the right dose can work wonders after just three days!

When Barbara started my CBD extract, her results were immediate and extremely impressive. 

She went from having intense episodes every day (and every night)...

To feeling like herself again and getting her old life back!

She kept telling me...

She Is A True Success Story!

Ready To Get Your CBD Supply Today?

If you find your self suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above, I urge you to take a page from Barbara's book...

Don't settle for sub-par CBD that may, in fact, be hurting more than it's helping.

Get your hands on the world's first doctor-approved and formulated CBD! I'm putting my name and industry reputation behind this product.

I'm that confident in its ability to help you in the same way it helped Barbara.

But that's not all...

Because I want to make sure you are 100% confident in our CBD and it's potential benefits...


per bottle

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Omega 9 Fatty Acids

Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA)

Stearidonic Acid

Omega 6 Oil

Well, take a look at the Supplement Facts on UpWellness CBD.
You can see we've put our money where our mouth is...

Note: The hemp extract in our tincture begins its journey in the form of hemp plants in the fields. These hemp plants naturally have extremely low THC levels...which makes them very different from marijuana or “pot” plants. The first step in our manufacturing process is to make an extract from the whole plant...this step yields a product which is known in the industry as a “full-spectrum” extract. This is where our product/brand derives its name. Because our hemp plants do contain traces of THC, the initial full spectrum extract does contain tiny amounts of THC. That brings us to the second step of our process in which all traces of THC are removed...yielding a final product that has all the benefits of a whole plant extract, without the THC.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As per regulatory requirements, all UpWellness CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC.


You will NOT get results if you simply pick just any CBD product off the shelf. I’ll share several more reasons why in just a moment but...

Before you read any further, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Joshua Levitt.

I have been practicing for nearly 20 years. In that time, I have seen thousands of patients who come to me looking for natural solutions to common and complex medical problems.  

I run one of the largest natural medicine practices in Connecticut, with a team of colleagues and staff.  

My medical education began with a four-year bachelor’s degree in Physiology from UCLA, followed by 4 years earning my doctorate at the prestigious Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.  

I’m proud to report that I have helped thousands of patients over a career that has spanned two decades. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to teach the next generation of physicians as an instructor and clinical preceptor at the Yale School of Medicine.  

My practice has extremely high patient satisfaction ratings, enjoys rave reviews, and has won many awards. That’s because I’ve always given my all to every one of my patients.

People like Rosemary from Wappingers Falls, NY who said:

“I had been to numerous doctors regarding my health issue… Dr. Levitt took the time to discuss a plan with me and together we came to a fantastic resolution… I traveled close to 2 hours to meet with him, and it was worth every second! I would recommend him to all!”

My patients put their trust in me.

If you’re like many of them, you’re ready for REAL CHANGE, and you have HIGH HOPES that CBD will finally be the answer. 

So, it’s in my best interest to make sure that you get your hands on the safest and MOST EFFECTIVE CBD product on the market today.  

You see, before I created my own WHOLE-PLANT extract, many of my patients were trying pure over-the-counter 
CBD products. These types of products are known as “CBD isolates” because they contain pure, isolated CBD.

There are some rare (and serious) medical problems where a CBD isolate can be a blessing. But for the vast majority of the population, a pure and isolated CBD extract is the wrong remedy.

But unfortunately, that’s exactly what most people are taking.  And they are spending big bucks on it too! 

And that’s a tragically common problem. Americans are spending their hard-earned money on CBD products that are simply not optimized for the best therapeutic action. 

In other words... 

People who use regular CBD products are only getting a

fraction of the benefits.

With a 100% guaranteed, American-Made CBD supplement. 

Best of all: UpWellness CBD OIL is


She believed in me, and although she was still suffering...

she now had a ray of hope

“In 10 years, I haven't had this much relief or felt more and more like my old self… this improvement truly seems like a miracle”

But, she likely wouldn't have experienced these positive results if she had decided to take just any old CBD off the shelf.

Luckily for her, Barbara was one of the first patients to experience the impressive benefits of UpWellness CBD!

– Do NOT go out and buy CBD!

Take your chances and buy a product off the shelf. (Buyer beware)

Do your own scientific research. (Good luck with that)  

Get a recommendation from someone you trust who has deep experience in the field. (That's where I can help.)




It felt like a life that was almost not worth living...